Tim Daze

Tim Daze

For Tim it all began at a very young age at a local music school,where he learned music theory
and soon began playing a few instruments.
Then came the magical age of 16, He started to visit clubs and was instantly drawn to that style of music.
Since then music production has been a bigger part of his life.
Most of the time he made bootlegs and remixes for his dj aquantences,
One Day one of them said that he should go and release his own music.
He released a few of his tracks in the progressive genre under Purple Edge Records and also
some remixes for some commercial groups like La Luz, He quickly realized that this wasn’t his scene.
Always fascinated by Funky House and Tech-House music he decided to make the genre he enjoyed the most.
he released music under the Push It Records Label and worked on some remixes for other label company’s.
Spreading his passion for the music he loves so he can share it with the whole world Tim started FOLD Records.
His first release on FOLD, Freerider got support from various artists all over the world.
Tim is also know for his DJ and live sets, always bringing the right groove to the people
with his bouncy tech-house mixes filled with funky and techno sounds wich the crowd always seems to apreciate
Get Tim Daze for your party!


Daze VS Magis @ Girls like DJ’s (Local Heroes) Stage – Beachland 2014 Part 1 by Tim Daze on Mixcloud

Daze VS Magis @ Girls like DJ’s (Local Heroes) Stage – Beachland 2014 Part 2 by Tim Daze on Mixcloud