Dennis Caressa

Dennis Caressa

Who is Mr. Caressa ? A small man with some restrictions, but on
a musical level, he is flying high ! His lifeline started on the 25th
of September 1987 and from early on in his live, he was moved
by music. Initially he was into new beat and acid, but friends of
him encouraged him to attend a techno party. As of that moment
it was clear that Dennis Caressa wanted to be on a techno stage
as a dj. A discovery journey into techno started. His big examples
were Trish Van Eynde, Tom Hades and Marco Bailley, but as
time moves on and more info comes in his musical preference
started to change. Dennis got fascinated by Tech House and Minimal.
His big examples are Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Marco
Carola, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Raresh. At age 16
Dennis joined the Pioneer Benelux dj-contest. One of the main
jury members on dj-technique was DJ Prinz and he was
pleasantly surprised by Dennis’ musical mix. Dennis paved his
own road and gradually progressed. Periodically he plays at parties
like BOA Summer Sessions, Kissinger, Minimal Royale and
Minimalized. Dennis dj-ed along side T.Raumschmiere, Mr. Magnetik,
Tom Dazing, Massimo Mephisto, Tecnum, Trish Van
Eynde, Tom Hades and Seba Lecompte. For the moment Dennis
is focused on creating and producing his own music and sound,
which are allready been played by Richie Hawtin, SIS, Davide
Squillace and many others..! Plus that he now restarted organizing
his party concept’s on the balcony of the legendary club of
Belgium Cafe D’Anvers. We can certainly state: Dennis loves his
music, it’s an emotion, a lifestyle and everything in his life revolves
around that. What the future will bring we all will have to see
for Dennis, but it certainly looks very hopeful and promising.